Cops 'Arrest' Woman, 102, to Cross It Off Her Bucket List: 'She Wants to Be Handcuffed'

A 102-year-old was arrested as part of her bucket list.

A 102-year-old Missouri woman was "arrested" for the first time in her life and charged with living life to the fullest.

Edie Simms crossed one more thing off of her bucket list when St. Louis cops slapped handcuffs on her and took her for a ride in the back of a police cruiser.

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Simms originally wanted to ride in a hot air balloon for her 102nd birthday, but when that fell through, officers who know her through her work at a local senior center, asked if she would take a ride in a police car.  

“I mentioned the idea for someone to ask her,” said Sgt. John McLaughlin told “She said she would love that but she wants to be handcuffed.”

On the day she was "busted," officers wrote up a mock arrest warrant for Simms and announced she was under arrest.

“We announced we were looking for this one subject in front of all her friends. She said I’m right here,” said McLaughlin. “We said we’re going to have you come with us.”

McLaughin laughed when he said they passed another police cruiser on her ride to the St. Louis’ Five Star Senior Center and she lifted up her handcuffs and smiled at him.

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Simms’ is always trying new things. For her 100th birthday, she rode a motorcycle.

“She’s amazing. It’s unbelievable the energy she has,” said McLaughlin. “She’s mentally smart as a whip.”

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