College Student Gives $10,000 from Winning Half-Court Shot Contest to Her Grandma

The student gave the $10,000 prize to her grandmother for all the sacrifices she made for her.

When sophomore Jordan Stiers went to a pep rally for the University of Kansas' basketball team, she didn’t expect to be walking away $10,000 richer, and no one would expect her incredible act of kindness.

Upon arriving at the rally over the weekend, Stiers, 20, received a text message about registering for a half-court shot contest with the chance to win money.

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She quickly registered and was notified she had been chosen, and was given the choice of shooting herself or choosing someone to hit the shot in her place.

Using her wits, she picked KU’s Director of Basketball Operations, Brennan Bechard, who hit the winning basket for another student last year.

Lo and behold, the shot went in.

“I was like, 'is this real life?' I am still shocked,” Stiers told “The crowd went wild. I was speechless. It was crazy.”

The KU basketball coach wrote Stiers a check on the spot, and although she hasn’t cashed it yet, she won't collect the money. She will instead give it to her grandmother, who Stiers said has sacrificed so much for her.

Stiers said she was 10 years old when her grandma, Roxanne, saved her and her siblings from being put into the foster care system by taking them in.

“She was the first person I thought of when that shot went in,” said Stiers. “She was very strong. One day she didn’t have any kids and the next day she had five. It was a big deal when she took us all in. She saved us having to be split up in five different foster homes.”

It took about six years for Roxanne, 59, to formally adopt the children but the grandma said while she is shocked at Stiers winning so much money, she is not surprised by her actions.

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“I was really flattered that she thought of me that way, but it’s not unlike her to do something like that. I always try to instill in them to be good role models for everyone and do something nice for people, and Jordan showed exactly that,” Roxanne said.

Roxanne said she’s been crying at the gesture because it doesn’t feel real.

“She is the light of my life. All the kids are. She’s made me very very proud."

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