Couple Together for 63 Years Devastated as Medicaid Forces Them to Live Apart: 'I Just Miss Him'

An elderly couple in their 80's have been separated after the husband was moved to a different facility due to Medicaid.

One elderly couple’s decades-long love story has taken a sad turn when they were separated into two different assisted living facilities.

In their late 80s and together for 63 years, the husband and wife are now living apart after Medicaid moved Paul Clauss to another facility due to unexpected health issues.

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His wife, Wilma, is struggling with the distance.

“Well, we’ve just been together for a long time,” Clauss said as she teared up in a WLFI interview. “I love him. I just miss having him around.”

The family was told the other facility was the only place where there was an “available Medicaid” bed for him, according to WFLI.

The couple’s daughters, Karen Hood and Cyndy Clauss, called the situation a nightmare.

“Having to move them to separate facilities has been the hardest thing for me that I have ever done,” Cyndy said.

Paul has severe dementia and they described that the situation has been extremely hard on the family.

“Together they could remember things better. Together they could do a better conversation. They were just stronger together,” Cyndy said.

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The family doesn’t want to see such a longtime romance end like this.

"They’ve paid into the system. They’ve paid their Medicare and their Medicaid, and I want them to be able to spend their last days together," Karen said.

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