Lifestyles of the Rich and Private: The 'Invisible' Mansions Celebs Don't Want You to See

The community, which is home to stars like Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie, are so exclusive, they don't even have an address.

Kim Kardashian West’s terrifying encounter with masked men who made off with more than $10 million worth of jewels unfolded at the Hôtel de Pourtalès, a Parisian locale so exclusive, it doesn’t have an address.

The hotel’s lack of a geographical footprint is not unique, as one California community caters to those seeking the maximum amount of privacy for the discretion-seeking elites.

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Searching for the aptly-named Hidden Hills online will get a person nowhere, because as far as Google Maps is concerned, it doesn’t exist.

Angelina Jolie moved into the gated cluster of mansions after filing for divorce from Brad Pitt, settling in a home owned by Denise Richards, about a mile and a half away from Kardashian and Kanye West’s own mansion.

All 550 homes in Hidden Hills are considered invisible since they are unable to be viewed on Google’s street view, as the search engine giant’s high tech street cars that photograph homes are banned from entering.

Such amenities are a dream come true for "people who have a lot of money and don’t want to be found," realtor Jade Mills told Inside Edition.

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“This is double gated and celebrity loves this. You have to ring to get into the first gate,” said Mills, who is selling an “invisible” six-bedroom mansion on a private road in Beverly Hills for a jaw-dropping $20 million.

The extra layer of security, which is included in the whopping price, plays a big part in keeping burglars — and celebrity-crazed fans — away.

“No one even knows this house is here,” she said. “So for a celeb or for someone who wants to [be] private, this place is perfect.”

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