Bellagio Heist Suspect Anthony Carleo Apprehended

Authorities have arrested the man who allegedly stole $1.5 million from the Bellagio casino in December 2010, and he's the son of a Las Vegas judge! INSIDE EDITION has the details.

He's the thief who tore a page from a Hollywood movie script with a daring Ocean's Eleven-style robbery of the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas.

The armed robbery suspect, Anthony Carleo, is the son of Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge George Assad! The judge said in a statement:

"I think it goes without saying that as a father, I am devastated and heartbroken to see my son arrested under these circumstances."

Carleo has been arrested for the alleged gunpoint robbery of $1.5 million worth of chips from the world-famous casino.

Lieutenant Ray Steiber of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said during a press conference that authorities recovered $900,000 in chips after the arrest.

The robbery took place on December 14th. The suspect ran off with the goods, hopped on a motorcycle, and fled. But it turns out he actually went back to gamble!

In fact, he was such a high-rolling gambler that the hotel gave him a free room for 19 nights!

Police say he gave a $25,000 chip to a Salvation Army volunteer, an early clue in the trail that led to the suspect.

Carleo was arrested in the casino. Authorities say he'd lost more than $100,000 in chips. He was apparently enchanted by the glitz of the Bellagio, and gleefully wrote on his Facebook page:

"Never have I seen as many beautiful women in one place."