Nearly 300 Rabbits Confiscated From Home That Once Housed Just 2: 'They're Very Romantic'

Rick Searles, who is not a breeder, was devastated to watch animal control take away 278 rabbits after neighbors complained of a smell from his home.

A California man is devastated after nearly 300 of his pet bunnies were seized from his home by a local animal control.

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"I'm pretty sad right now because all they wanted to do was have a place to live," said rabbit owner Rick Searles from Orange County in an interview with KCAL.

Searles, who is not a breeder, once had more than 300 pet rabbits at his home, but Orange County Animal Care confiscated all but 30 after neighbors complained about a smell coming from his home.

When OC Animal Care representatives arrived to the home, they reported the home was not clean, and the animals had begun burrowing into nearby properties.

The owner, however, insisted his home was clean, and that he never intended to have so many rabbits at his home. In fact, several years ago, he started off with just two.

"They're very romantic," he joked. "They do sneak out. Hard to keep the males from the females."

But the animal control representative said he should have had his pets spayed and neutered: "[Searles] just allowed them to continue breeding, which with rabbits we all know that every 28 days, they can get pregnant and have another litter. Hence, we’re at 300," KCAL reported.

Despite his devastation over the rabbits that were confiscated, Searles said he is thankful the rescue allowed him to keep 30 of his bunnies.

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"We were able to pick out some of the favorite ones," Searles said, "but I still feel sad because of the unknown future of the other ones."

According to the OC Animal Care, the nearly 300 rabbits will be up for adoption Thursday morning.

Because all the rabbits are in good shape, Searles will not be facing any animal cruelty charges.

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