Return of the Pink Panthers: Notorious Jewel Thieves May Be Behind Kim Kardashian Heist

The robbery bears some of the hallmarks of the master jewel thieves.

As investigators probe the armed robbery of Kim Kardashian West, many are questioning whether the terrifying ordeal was the work of master jewel thieves, the so-called Pink Panthers.

The shadowy network of skilled robbers has pulled off many high-profile heists in Europe, including a daring daylight raid of a Parisian jewelry store in 2013, during which they used smoke bombs to cover their getaway.

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They get their name after a 2003 heist in London, where they hid a stolen gem in a jar of cold cream, the plotline of one of the Pink Panther films starring Peter Sellers.

Pavle Stanimirovic, a former member of the criminal network, thinks the group is behind Kardashian West’s robbery.

“You're talking about Mission Impossible-type guys here, we're talking about ex-military,” he told Inside Edition.

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Saying the likelihood of the thieves being caught is “not high,” Stanimirovic explained: “A few Pink Panthers escaped prison because of the connections they have.”

A plan to rob the reality star may have been in motion for years, he said.

“It was already pre-planned, probably three years ago when she first went there with Kanye… They looked at her like she was a jewelry store,” he said.  

The suspects in the Kardashian West robbery also made off with her diamond ring, which was worth millions and is something Stanimirovic said is likely to never see the light of day again.

“It's going to get chopped! It's going to get cut in half!” he exclaimed. 

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