Who Was Behind the Wheel of Mystery Car Following Kim Kardashian in Paris Before Robbery?

The mysterious Fiat was seen following close behind as the reality star traveled in Paris.

Authorities are questioning whether the jewel thieves who targeted Kim Kardashian followed her in the days leading up to the robbery, releasing images of a gray Fiat that appears to be tailing the reality star prior to the terrifying incident.

Kardashian and her husband Kanye West were mobbed in Paris during Fashion Week, being chased by a pack of paparazzi on motorcycles as they traveled through the city.

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Also following the celebrities was a vehicle no one has recognized as a usual member of the pack, a gray Fiat 500.

It was also emerged that Kardashian asked the hotel concierge, who showed the masked men to her room at gunpoint, “Are we going to die?” during the harrowing ordeal.

He replied, "I don’t know."

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Surveillance footage of the robbers’ escape was apparently caught by cameras at a nearby nail salon. 

Since the robbery, Kardashian and her loved ones have been noticeably absent from social media, as a source says the family is "cutting down on all public appearances for the time being." 

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