To the Rescue: 4-Year-Old Honored for Saving Her Dad's Life

A 4-year-old got her dad help when he was unconscious.

Police bestowed a little Georgia girl with a "life-saving" award after she came to her dad’s rescue when she found him unconscious.

In September, 4-year-old Elaina saw her dad pass out after he complained he was not feeling well, police said. He was reportedly having an insulin reaction.

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That’s when she sprang into action and called one of his friends for help, who then did a three-way call with police so the little girl could speak to them.

When police arrived, Elaina opened the door and led them to her father and he was able to get the medical help he needed.

Elaina received the “life-saving” award Friday from the Valdosta Police Department in a ceremony.

“Congratulations Elaina, we are so very proud of you,” the department wrote on their Facebook page.

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Her father, Jim Fryslie, was one proud dad.

“My daughter saved my life,” he told WCTV. “She is what makes me smile every day.

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