Pandora's Fox: Sean Hannity Rips Colleague Megyn Kelly After She Challenges Trump on Interviews

The observation came Wednesday as Kelly accused both presidential candidates of avoiding challenging interviews.

Fox News power players Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity came to blows after The Kelly File anchor pointed out Donald Trump will only sit down for interviews with those who do not challenge him, like Hannity.

The observation came as Kelly on Wednesday accused both presidential candidates of avoiding challenging interviews.

“They’re both in their own version of a presidential protection program,” Kelly said, adding that Clinton makes sure to avoid uncomfortable or unexpected moments.

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“Which is why she sat for a half an hour with Mary J. Blige, the singer, which is why she did Entertainment Tonight this evening,” Kelly said.

She also criticized Clinton's Republican rival, saying: "With all due respect to my friend at 10 p.m., [Trump] will go on Hannity, and pretty much only Hannity, and will not venture out to the unsafe spaces these days, which doesn’t exactly extend the tent.”

Hannity, a vocal supporter of Trump whose show airs right after Kelly’s, fired back on Twitter.

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“U should be mad at @HillaryClinton clearly you support her. And @realDonaldTrump did talk to u,” the conservative commentator wrote in a Tweet.

When Paul Goldsmith, CEO of Goldsmith Media Group tweeted at Hannity, "not cool, dude. Stand by your colleagues," Hannity replied, "Sure. When they stand by me."

Kelly, who politically identifies herself as an independent and has voted both Democrat and Republican, did not respond to Hannity’s tweets.

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