The Ice Is Right: Baby Polar Bear Overjoyed as She Plays in Frozen Kiddie Pool

After being abandoned, baby bear Nora is caught enjoying her time in her new home at the Oregon Zoo while she awaits new furry friends.

Baby Nora, a polar bear that has touched hearts across the nation, will finally have all the bear necessities she truly deserves, starting with this pool filled with ice.

The baby polar cub was raised and taken in by officials from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio back in November. Nora required extra attention, as she was rejected by her mother shortly after her birth.

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But in order to thrive with fellow polar bears, the zoo made the heartbreaking decision to send the playful, happy bear to the Oregon Zoo, and has been thriving ever since.

Recently, Devon Sabo, a zookeeper at the Columbus Zoo who has stuck by the fur ball’s side, decided to fly back from Portland to say goodbye.

The 10-month-old will be in quarantine for 30 days, the required practice for animal health at the Oregon Zoo. Already, it seems like Nora is enjoying her chill out time.

Zookeepers recently filled up a pool full of ice, royal treatment for a polar bear.

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Nora's elation as she burrows into the ice just show's her youthful spirit.

The zoo is currently seeking volunteers to help shape the zoo’s polar bear habitat and Nora's new home, Polar Passage. In addition, officials are looking for feedback from local residents about polar bears overall.

"This is a great time for our community to tell us what's important to them and at this stage, we've determined some of the basic design features of Polar Passage, but we're still exploring a lot of interesting ideas. In addition to providing the best possible habitat for the bears, we want this space to reflect the desires of the community that will be visiting it."

The young polar bear will meet her new furry companion, 31-year-old Tasul, later in October.

In the meantime, the Oregon Zoo website will keep Nora fans updated on how she is progressing.

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