Sack! Stacy Keibler Calls Out Cam Newton in Mansion-Trashing Lawsuit

The former "Dancing With the Stars" wrestler and her husband are suing the NFL star for allegedly laying waste to an $11 million mansion.

Stacy Keibler has called out Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton for allegedly damaging a mansion that he leased from the former wrestler’s husband.

“He just needs to do the right thing,” Keibler said in video captured by TMZ.

Keibler’s husband, luxury home rental company manager Jared Pobre, is suing Newton after the football player allegedly trashed the $11 million Beverly Hills home that he stayed at after Super Bowl 50 in January.

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Pobre is suing for $270,324.47 in damages and lost rent.

Keibler spoke to the media as she and Pobre left a restaurant in Los Angeles. 

Newton paid $123,000 to rent the luxury home for two months, according to reports. 

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The suit claims Newton agreed there would be no smoking, no parties and no more than eight guests in the mansion at a time.

But he is accused of throwing wild parties, breaking a high end refrigerator, causing water damage to the floors, ruining bed linens, leaving cigarette ashes all over the house and destroying a $32,000 rug.

Newton has not yet responded to Inside Edition's request for comment. 

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