Old - and Busted! Trio of Elderly Family Members Honored for Taking Down Home Burglar

Stephen Ward was allegedly holding a bag of stolen jewelry when he misjudged Peter Mueller, 70, and relatives Adly Gorrafa, 81, and Sheila Gorrafa, 78.

A trio of elderly citizens in England were honored this week for catching an alleged robber and holding him until authorities could arrive.

Peter Mueller, 70, says he unexpectedly saw Stephen Ward, 27, inside the home of his deceased mother-in-law while visiting from Germany. 

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Mueller said the sight of the intruder filled him with adrenaline and prompted him to take action.

Ward was allegedly holding a bag of stolen jewelry and tried to run past the 70-year-old and two family members, Adly Gorrafa, 81, and Sheila Gorrafa, 78.

A neighbor called the police while the trio, now dubbed “The Three Musketeers” tackled and detained Ward, who clearly misjudged the situation.

Police body cam footage posted on social media by the Derbyshire Constabulary shows Ward being held down on the ground by the three as he’s handcuffed by an officer.

“Peter, Adly and Sheila should be recognized for their courage and quick-thinking. Thanks to their actions, this burglar is now behind bars,” the Derbyshire Constabulary said on their Facebook page. 

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Mueller returned to the United Kingdom to receive the Derbyshire Constabulary Award but both Gorrafas, who live in the America, were not able to make the ceremony.

"This award is often given to police officers who have shown great bravery but we do sometime present them to members of the public," Chief Constable Mick Creedon said.

Ward was sentenced to 27 months in prison after admitting to the burglary. At the time he was taken down, Ward had been wanted for 18 months.

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