Llama on the Lam: Animal Gets Coffee, Takes Selfies With Neighbors After Escaping

"You don't want to be [caught] behind the llama at the coffee shop. They take forever," said one resident, who was on his way to Tim Hortons at the time.

This runaway caused quite a bit of llama drama when it was spotted Wednesday trotting around a small Canadian town.

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Commuters in Lively, Ontario, said they were driving down a major highway when Sylvie, a well-known llama around town, disrupted their morning drive. 

John Porter, who took a video of the whole incident from his car, told InsideEdition.com he was on his way to Tim Hortons when the scene broke out.

"I was getting coffee,” Porter joked. “You don’t want to be [caught] behind the llama at the coffee shop. They take forever."

Becky Punkari, another resident of the town — with a population of about 7,000 — told InsideEdition.com that Sylvie’s owner lives about a half-mile away, and the poor llama must have gotten spooked by bears before running off.

Sylvie’s owner soon arrived on the scene, fastened a leash on the llama and took her for a long stroll around the neighborhood before taking her home.

But, the llama made a quick pit stop at Punkari’s driveway, where her son, Davin, and husband Nate Mahon paused to take a selfie with the animal.

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Despite the peculiar scene, residents said this was not the first time they saw a llama running amok in their town. 

In fact, Sylvie got loose just last year.

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