David Letterman Calls Donald Trump 'Damaged Human Being' Over Behavior On Campaign Trail

"If I had a show, I would have gone right after him," David Letterman told The New York Times.

Funny man David Letterman is speaking out about Donald Trump, saying the presidential hopeful’s behavior on the campaign trail is no laughing matter.

Referencing times during Trump’s campaign that he criticized a disabled reporter, Letterman told The New York Times: “If you can do that in a national forum, that says to me that you are a damaged human being. If you can do that, and not apologize, you’re a person to be shunned”

Trump was a frequent guest on the Late Show with David Letterman before the veteran night host retired last year, including one appearance that the Hillary Clinton campaign includes in a commercial.

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Letterman, who is now involved in National Geographic Channel’s Years of Living Dangerously, said he wouldn't treat Trump with kid gloves if he still were on late night television.

“If I had a show, I would have gone right after him,” he told the Times. “I would have said something like, 'Hey, nice to see you.  Now, let me ask you: what gives you the right to make fun of a human who is less fortunate, physically, than you are?’”

At a New Hampshire town hall-style event Thursday, Trump blasted reports that he was prepping for Sunday's debate against Clinton. 

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“Debate prep, give me a break.  Do you really think Hillary Clinton is debate-prepping for three or four days? Hillary Clinton is resting, okay?” he said.

Meanwhile, Fox News superstars Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity have apparently buried the hatchet after exchanging a war of words on social media over Trump.

“We’re Irish. It’s complicated. #friends,” Kelly tweeted.

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