Ronald Reagan Jr. Calls Sarah Palin A 'Soap Opera'

Ron Reagan Jr. isn't pulling any punches in his remarks about Sarah Palin and her speech honoring the late President Reagan. INSIDE EDITION talks directly to Reagan about his thoughts on Palin and her politics.

Sarah Palin is the target of a scathing attack coming from none other than the son of her political hero, Ronald Reagan.

"She's just a soap opera, she and her family and all of the reality shows. She's not a serious candidate for high office," Reagan tells INSIDE EDITION.

Reagan Jr., author of the new book, My Father at 100: A Memoir, is lashing out at Palin's keynote speech to conservative republicans celebrating his dad's 100th birthday at the Reagan ranch over the weekend.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asks, "What are your thoughts of Sarah Palin giving a speech to honor your father?"

"I don't know that Sarah Palin is worthy of a lot of thought. She has nothing in common with my father, that's for sure," says Reagan.

Reagan was front and center at a birthday tribute, that took place at the 40th President's California gravesite on Sunday.

All eyes were on his mom, 89-year-old Nancy Reagan, who appeared frail and spoke only a few words about her beloved husband.

"I know Ronnie would be thrilled to have all of you share his 100th birthday," says Nancy Reagan.