After Kim Kardashian Robbed Of $10 Million in Jewels, Fake-But-Fabulous Jewelry Is A Safe Alternative

A 12-carat cubic zirconia retails for $450, but a real 12-carat diamond ring comes with a $10 million price tag.

After coming to face-to-face with masked men in search of her expensive jewelry, Kim Kardashian West might consider traveling with baubles that look like the real deal, but retail for a fraction of the cost.

Fake, but fabulous, costume jewelry can save thousands, Richard Gould, owner of Gale Grant Costume Jewelry in New York, told Inside Edition.

More and more wealthy customers now come to Gould’s Manhattan shop in search of cheap replicas of their favorite jewels, he said.

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“These rings are worn by people who have the real one,” Gould said. “Sometimes they wear the fake one and no one knows the difference.” 

Kardashian West was reportedly targeting after she flashed her $4.5 million, Lorraine Schwartz-designed diamond on social media.

The ring was a gift from her husband, Kanye West, she told Bravo’s Andy Cohen.

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“He woke me up in the middle of the night and said, 'Babe, I got you something from Adidas.' Then he put a box on my pillow, and he goes, 'No, open your eyes,'” she said. “And he was like, 'Well, you know I just did that big Adidas deal, so I got you something from Adidas.' And he engraved Adidas on the band inside, cause he's funny like that.” 

A 12-carat cubic zirconia that retails for $450 looks like its diamond counterpart, but a real 12-carat ring comes with a $10 million price tag.

“You will not believe how many women come into this store and buy quality copies that they are comfortable mixing with the real stuff,” Gould said. “The state of the art is now so great no one can tell the difference.”

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