Triple The Trouble: Father of 3 Invents Hilarious Car Hack To Avoid Backseat Fights

A father in Ohio invents a hilarious way of separating his triplets in his car to avoid backseat fights.

An Ohio dad has trouble times three.

Jack White, the father of adorable triplets, has done a hilarious car hack to have some peace of mind while on the road. 

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Two-year-olds Stella, Jude and Xavier usually fuss and fight during car rides. Their dad partitioned the three car seats with large pieces of foam  to prevent them from getting rowdy and then took a selfie , sharing his clever idea with the whole world on social media.

“They keep busy with being creative and I’m always inventing someway to manage them “ said White.
The triplets' response? They fell asleep during the car ride home.

“They tend to get on each other’s nerves” said White. “It just seemed kind of natural to keep them separated and that car ride home that day was pure joy"

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They have very different personalities.

The clever father calls Jude “the finisher” because he finishes everyone else’s food, Xavier is to be considered the most energetic and the instigator of all fights, and last but not least, Stella is the dainty one in the trio.

Although this family has some funny ways of handling things, this father definitely knows a thing or two about handling three kids.

“Be creative with your kids, don’t be afraid to use things because you might never know if it’ll work," the dad said. 

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