Green Bay Packers Player Finds Chicken Head in Buffalo Wild Wings Order

A football player found a chicken head in his food order and tweeted out a picture.

Green Bay Packers player Jared Cook reportedly found an entire chicken head in his takeout order earlier this week.

Cook, 29, tweeted out the picture of the alleged bird head that he ordered from Buffalo Wild Wings. The tweet has almost 9,000 retweets since Cook posted it.

This happened Tuesday when I went to eat @BWWings How Sway? How? ?

October 7, 2016

 "I had drove there, took it all the way home, got home, started eating the first wing," Cook told ESPN. "As I was putting the bone back in the box, I saw the chicken head and immediately spit my food out."

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Cook reportedly drove back to the restaurant, which gave him a refund.

“They were just, like: 'We're sorry. Typically, this doesn't happen. That just means your food was fresh,'" Cook said. "OK, that doesn't make it any better,” Cook said.

The restaurant chain issued a statement on Friday saying, "Buffalo Wild Wings takes food preparation, service and quality extremely seriously and we are looking into this situation. We've reached out to Jared Cook and our suppliers for more information."

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Cook said his wife is a vegetarian and this incident may be pushing him further in that direction.

"She's strongly encouraging I become one now,” said Cook. "I think it's good advice. Eventually, I will become one, but not right now."

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