Gary Coleman's Ex-Wife Down and Out

Gary Coleman's ex-wife is reduced to living in squalor since the TV star's death last year and INSIDE EDITION has an exclusive look at the shocking conditions.

It's hard to believe anyone could live in a house that is cluttered with trash and choked in filth with rotting food littering the kitchen. In that house, INSIDE EDITION found the ex-wife of TV legend Gary Coleman, living in squalor.

Shannon Price lost her dream home outside Salt Lake City, Utah to foreclosure after the star of Different Strokes died last year. Price was left destitute and homeless and was forced to move back to the one bedroom home her father rents for $400 a month.

As INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret points out the clutter he said, "It looks like some of this has been here for a long time."

"I'm sure Gary is like rolling over in his grave right now, just knowing that I have to be there," says Price.

Price shares a small filthy bathroom with her father and younger brother. The porcelain sink is blackened with mold and has red from rust. There are toothbrushes and razors piled up, and the tub is covered with a thick film of grime.

Price sleeps in a tiny single bedroom on one side of the bed, because the other side is piled high with junk.
"People would be shocked to see how you are living, how did this happen?" asks Moret.

"I lost everything when Gary passed away. I feel like I have nothing," answered Price.
Price and Coleman secretly divorced in 2008, even though they continued to live together as a married couple. Price is challenging Coleman's will, claiming that they were actually a common law husband and wife and that she is entitled to his entire estate.

Moret asks, "Did you always see yourself as his wife even when you were divorced?"

"Always, I've told many people whether it's on paper or not we are still husband and wife," replies Price

"Did Gary leave you broke?" asks Moret.

"He didn't leave me anything," answered Price.
Price says Coleman adored her and it would torture him to see how she's now living, surrounded by garbage.

"I'm still struggling, it's very hard without him, it's still surreal that he is gone," says Price.