Reviews for Super Bowl Commercials Are In

The Super Bowl is as much about the commercials as it is about the game. INSIDE EDITION looks at the hits and misses of the high-priced ads.

Joan Rivers cracks jokes about her hilarious Super Bowl commercial with INSIDE EDITION.

The commercial drew big laughs when the 77-year-old comedienne was revealed as the new face of

Rivers said, ""You gotta do it while your body is still hot. That's my body! No one wants to believe it. That is my body and I did it now, because I figured, what have I got, four more good years?"

Sorry Joan, but we can now reveal the identity of your body double. The sleek physique reportedly belongs to Tabitha Taylor, 25-year-old model who actually appeared in a Godaddy commercial from the 2009 Super Bowl.

Country sweetheart Faith Hill also showed off her funny side in a surprisingly naughty commercial for the on-line florists TeleFlora.

And rapper Eminem's two-minute Chrysler commercial is also earning rave reviews. 

"The Eminiem Chrysler commercial had a gret authenticity to it. You really felt the soul of Detroit coming through," said author Sally Hogshead.

But the Best Buy commercial with Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne is drawing mixed reviews. In the commercial, Ozzy Osbourne said, "Whats a Bieber?" Justin Bieber in disguise replies, "I don't know. He looks like a girl."

"Bieber and Ozzy are definitely starnge bedfellows for a commercial, and I think there was so much celebrity buzz that we lost the product and lost the story line," said Hogshead.

And many viewers didn't realize that it was actually Justin in disguise poking fun at himself.

One ad for Doritos where a man licks the fingers or another man is called by some, the creepiest commerical of the night. And experts say this Snickers spot with Roseanne Barr also fumbled.