Former 'Celebrity Apprentice' Star Vivica Fox Calls Trump Tape 'Karma'

Could there be more hot mic bombshells from 'The Apprentice'?

After a lewd conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush was released on Friday, embarrassing the GOP presidential nominee, actress Vivica A. Fox says its massive publicity is "karma." 

At  a Los Angeles Carousel of Hope event, Fox, who appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, told Inside Edition, "All I can say is karma is a b***h. He was ready to come so hard for Hillary and Bill Clinton on something that is personal for them. And wow, look what happens. You forgot that you were a pig, too."

Actress Carmen Electra, who also spoke to Inside Edition at the event, said Trump once commented on her breasts while on the Howard Stern Show.

"Donald Trump made a public comment about my breasts looking like lightbulbs. I thought it was so odd, out of the blue," said Electra. 

A former Apprentice producer says there are more Trump "hot mic" bombshells.

The producer, who worked with uber reality TV producer Mark Burnett, tweeted: “I assure you.....there are far worse.” He posted the ominous hashtag: #justthebeginning.

"There is tremendous pressure on Mark Burnett and his production company because there are so many ... (who) want to know if Trump is heard saying sexist and inappropriate things," Brian Stelter, senior media correspondent for CNN, told Inside Edition.  

But getting anyone from The Apprentice with access to outtakes is complicated. "Even if the producers of The Apprentice wanted to release the unaired tapes, there are legal contracts that prohibit something like this, and Donald Trump could sue," said Stelter.