Does This Mysterious Video Show Missing 15-Year-Old Kayla Berg Gagged and Bound?

The YouTube video was posted two months after the Wisconsin teen vanished in 2009.

A disturbing video showing a girl tied up on a bathroom floor and screaming for help has sparked a national manhunt on Tuesday.

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In the video, a creepy man talks straight into the camera about a girl he just met at the mall.

“I met the most wonderful girl,” he says. The man in the video calls himself “Patrick.”

“We decided to go and take a look at some of the jewelry at Kay Jewelers and she picked out this awesome necklace,” he says.

The man then says that he brought the girl back to his place. “I know she hates cameras, but I'm going to show you her, anyway,” he says. “You ready?”

The camera then pans to the girl, tied up and sprawled on the bathroom floor, and screaming for help.

"Why are you doing this?" she screams in the video. 

That's when the video comes to an abrupt end.

The caption on YouTube is, "Hi Walter, It's Me Patrick!"

Amateur sleuths who are analyzing the video say the victim looks just like Kayla Berg - a 15-year-old Wisconsin teen who went missing in 2009.

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The video was posted on YouTube in 2009 - just two months after Berg went missing.

For some reason, nobody paid attention to it - until now.

A talented gymnast, Berg was last seen at a friend’s house and never heard from again. 

Antigo Police Chief Eric Roller police says he is taking the video seriously. "She was wearing jeans, a similar top, had a similary look that she has," he said, remarking on the similarities between Berg and the teen in the video. 

Cops are urgently trying to track down the guy seen in the video. "We're not sure if it's a hoax, or if it's true. If it's true, but not our case, it may help somebody else's. We're going to do whatever it takes to find out [about] the subjects on the video," said Chief Roller. 

Berg's mom, Hope, said she sees a resemblance. "It sounded like her, it looked like her. It gave me chills," she said.

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