Pecs and Pups: Men Ditch Their Shirts for Dog Charity Calendar

Male models are stripping down for a calendar to help dogs find homes.

2017 can't get here soon enough.

Male models are stripping down and posing with rescue dogs for a 2017 charity calendar called “Pecs and Pups.”

Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue, a non-profit organization with bases in New York and Ohio, created the calendar’s first issue three years ago and the proceeds from the sales help finance their efforts.

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Louie's, a foster-based rescue, depends on volunteers to house the dogs until their adoption and take care of the expenses for the pups.

One of the non-profit’s volunteers knew famous fashion photographer Mike Ruiz, who has photographed celebrities like Prince and Nicki Minaj, and so they posed the idea of a calendar to him.

“Ruiz is a huge animal lover and advocate so he was on board right away,” Emily Gear, the president of the organization, told

Ruiz had a lot of connections in the modeling industry and many happened to look nice without shirts on.

Thus, “Pecs and pups” was born.

Gear said they weren’t expecting the $19.95 calendar to go big, but in a world where there’s an entire Instagram dedicated to “hot” guys and their dogs, thousands of the calendars were sold.

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Gear said the shoots always end up being chaotic because the dogs have no idea what’s going on, but they're fun nevertheless because everyone there loves animals.

“I hope people will see it and realize their purchase is helping to spread awareness about animals that needs homes and animal foster system that helps 2,000 animals a year," she said.

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