Clean-Up On Aisle 11! Mom Gives Birth Within Minutes While Shopping at Walmart

The entire incident, from the onset of labor pains to giving birth, lasted about 20 minutes.

She wasn’t in the express check-out lane, but her baby apparently was.

A very pregnant woman shopping at a Walmart in Payson, Utah, felt stomach pains, summoned a manager and said she needed help.

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She was led to aisle 11, where another employee ran for a wheelchair. Someone called 911. The mother fell to her knees, and immediately went into labor, store manager Dustin Haight told Tuesday.

By the time the wheelchair arrived, which was about 30 seconds later, Haight said, she was in the middle of giving birth.

Scrambling madly, employees held up sheets around the woman and the customer service manager, who had previously been a nurse, helped with the delivery. Thankfully, the store was pretty much deserted because it was Sunday at about 6:30 a.m.

The woman never screamed. Instead, “she insisted on getting her merchandise and she was intent on paying,” Haight said.

Her husband and other family members were elsewhere in the store when she went into labor, but arrived before she was wheeled out by EMTs.

From start to finish, Haight said, the whole scenario played out in about 20 minutes.

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The mom, who now has three children, is doing fine. Her brand-new son is named Matias. Haight said he doesn’t even know her full name.

But the family is coming back to the store on Friday for a reunion and a celebration, he said.

“It was fun,” Haight said. “You don’t get to tell these kinds of stories very often.”

Not that important life events haven’t occurred in his store, Haight said.

“We’ve had some marriages, some deaths, but never a birth inside the store,” he said.

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