Injured Flight Instructor Tells Investigators Connecticut Plane Crash Was 'Not An Accident'

One man was killed in the crash on Tuesday. He was identified as a 28-year-old student pilot, Feras Freitekh, left.

The pilot of a plane that crashed in Connecticut Tuesday reportedly told investigators it was intentionally downed.

The twin-engine plane went down in Hartford as it was approaching a local airport on Tuesday. It crashed into a utility pole and burst into flames. 

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One man was killed. He was identified as a 28-year-old student pilot, Feras Freitekh.

He was a Jordanian national who first entered the U.S. in 2012 on a temporary student visa to attend flight school and was certified to fly a single-engine plane.

His instructor, who survived but was seriously injured, was taken to the hospital with serious burns. He told investigators the crash “was not an accident," according to The New York Times.

He has been identified as Arian Prevalla, the president of the American Flight Academy and managing member of the Hartford Jet Center, the Hartford Courant reported.

The two were reportedly arguing shortly before the crash. Freitekh told his instructor he no longer wanted to fly the plane, the paper reported.

According to another source, Freitekh was flying erratically and his instructor fought with him to take control of the plane. Freitekh was worried over his poor performance at the flight academy, the report said.

The Associated Press reports that this appears to be a case of suicide by the student pilot, not terrorism.

Mayor Marcia Leclerc also told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the survivor told detectives the crash was not an accident, but she added that the information has not been confirmed.

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The plane came down near a Pratt & Whitney factory that makes jet engines, including those for military planes.

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