Alec Baldwin Loses His Cool!

Actor Alec Baldwin seemed to lose his cool outside his New York City apartment building, lunging at a New York Post photographer, and an NYPD officer intervened. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Alec Baldwin lost his cool and lunged at a photographer from the New York Post outside his New York City apartment building, and NYPD cops stepped in.

The bizarre encounter took place just hours after Baldwin was rushed to the emergency room after his 14-year old daughter Ireland called 911.  

Ireland reportedly got into an argument with her father on the phone which ended with him saying: "I'm tired of this. I'm going to take some pills. I'm going to end this."

But when cops arrived here at Baldwin's Central Park West apartment, he reportedly told them he had taken a single sleeping pill, Ambien, to help him fall asleep and had no intention of killing himself."

It is now known Ireland was in Los Angeles where her mother Kim Basinger lives when the 911 call was placed. A source close to Baldwin is claiming Ireland was "put up" to placing the 911 call, telling the New York Post: "He believed his wife was behind the call, that she convinced [Ireland] that he could be suicidal and she should call the police."

Baldwin's anger reached a boiling point after photographers swarmed his apartment building following his release from the hospital.  

"They're not supposed to block this door to this building!" he shouted angrily.

Baldwin was upset because, he claimed, a photographer "brushed" him as he returned home from shooting his TV show 30 Rock.  

Baldwin looked steamed as he told his story.

"Do you want me to go out and grab him and I'll show you which one?" Baldwin asked, before reaching out to the photographer he claimed brushed him.

"This one...This one here!" he shouted.

Baldwin was calmer the following day when INSIDE EDITION caught up with him, although he hid his face behind a newspaper as he stepped into a waiting limousine.