Armed Bandit Being Called A "Polite Robber"

He’s being called the “polite robber” after using his best manners during an armed robbery, but police say the man isn’t so polite. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

He's the world's most polite armed robber and the whole bizarre stickup is caught on surveillance camera.

"I'm robbing you, sir. I really am sorry to have to do this," says the robber.

It starts out at a gas station in Seattle, when the robber poses to be a normal customer buying a cup of coffee. After paying for his coffee, out comes a pistol.

"Would you do me a favor? Would you, uh, empty that till for me, please? Put it right here," says the robber.

While the robbery is taking place, the robber could not stop apologizing and feeling bad for his actions.

"I need the money. I've got kids that need to be fed, sir. I've got rent to pay, I've got bills, and the kids need to eat," says the robber.

The owner empties the register and hands over $300, then the robber makes a vow.

"Thank you very much, I appreciate it, and I really am sorry. And if I ever get back on my feet again, sir, I'll bring it back," says the robber.

Gregory Hess is 65, and police say he has a history of armed robbery and forgery.

It didnt take long for cops to make an arrest. Right after the video went viral the tips started coming in. The suspect was identified as a former barista who worked at Starbucks in Seattle.
That sob story about him having to feed his kids was not true. Hess reportedly lives alone, and it's not clear if he even has any children. It turns out he's not such a nice guy after all.