Sheriff's Deputy Kidnapped, Raped on Her Way to Work: 'They Were Looking for a Victim'

She had been wearing civilian clothes and was unarmed when two men abducted her.

A sheriff’s deputy was abducted from outside the Kansas jail where she worked and raped for about two hours by two men in attack that appeared to have been planned, authorities said.

The deputy had parked her car in the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department’s parking lot and was walking to the central booking facility when she was abducted by two men at about 11:30 p.m. Friday, police said.

She had been wearing civilian clothes and was unarmed when the men used the sweatshirt she was wearing to blindfold her and forced her into a sedan, officials said.

The suspects drove around as they assaulted the deputy, who is in her early 20s, before releasing her about two hours later, authorities said. The suspects told her to keep her head covered as they sped off, police said.

The deputy walked north until she reached the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in Lee’s Summit, where she was able to get help.

Though she was instructed to not look at her attackers, the deputy, who has been with the force for about six months, was able relay some details about the suspects, authorities said.

"She has been able to help with the investigation,” Sheriff Frank Denning said. "She has a lot of support from family. She has a lot of support here from the sheriff's office. There are many who have been in touch with her. And all things considered, she's doing okay."

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Investigators recovered DNA evidence in the case that was submitted to the lab for testing, officials said.

After a massive manhunt over the weekend, a tip led detectives to the men they say were involved in the attack.

William Luth, 24, and Brady Newman-Caddell, 21, were both charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sodomy and two counts of rape each. Their bond was set at $1 million.

Although it does not appear the deputy knew the men, authorities said the attack appeared to be planned, as the suspects allegedly followed the woman from a QuikTrip market about a mile and a half to the parking lot where she was kidnapped.

“Something of this magnitude took some level of planning,” Captain Brian Hill told reporters on Monday. "I do believe there was some planning, premeditation for lack of a better word, for carrying out this horrific act.

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“Our suspect vehicle at the Quik Trip pulls into a gas pump basically. Neither subject gets out of the car. Nobody pumps any gas. Nobody throws anything away and sits there until our deputy leaves,” Hill continued. “At the time she backs out and leaves, he exits and follows her. And we have a pretty good camera trail from the Quik Trip all the way to the parking lot. So, it appears evident to us that although they may not have been specifically looking for our victim, they were looking for a victim.”

Authorities also located the vehicle they believed was used in the incident, which may belong to Luth’s wife, according to reports.

Luth and Newman-Caddell were being held in the Jackson County Detention Center late Tuesday. It was not known if they intend to fight extradition to Kansas or when they might be returned to face the charges, officials said.

The two men may have attacked others, Johnson County District Attorney Stephen Howe said Wednesday, telling reporters he hoped more victims will come forward now that they are in custody. Howe declined to elaborate on why investigators believe there may be more victims, KFDI reported

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