2 Walmart Managers 'Arrested' by Cops in Shocking Bid to Raise Money for Charity

After they were placed in a holding cell, the managers spent the next few hours making calls and raising money for "bail"-all of which was later donated.

Two Walmart managers were "arrested" during their shift Tuesday, all to benefit sick children.

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In a shocking fundraiser held by an upstate New York Walmart, cops from the Johnson City Police Department walked two managers out of the store in handcuffs, and escorted them back to the station.

"[Walmart] came up with that idea," Chief of Police Brent Dodge told InsideEdition.com. "They wanted to do a mock arrest thing [to] help raise extra money. It was all in good fun for a good cause, and we're happy to help."

In an effort to fundraise for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, the two managers were placed in a holding cell, and invited to a backroom where they spent the next four or five hours making calls and reaching out to anyone they knew to raise money to "make bail" — every dime of which would be donated.

"It's a creative way to try and raise money, rather than begging people to donate," Dodge told InsideEdition.com. "It's something that gets a lot of attention." 

Dodge explained that employees first voted for which manager they want to see "arrested" by putting money in a box with each manager's name on it. The box that held the most money would be the ones "arrested," and all the money would be donated.

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"Watching their managers get hauled away in a police car was a motivating thing for the employees," Dodge joked, "a way to get back at your boss."

Between the money the managers raised for bail and the money employees donated to cast their vote, the Johnson City Walmart reported that they raised more than $3,000 to be donated to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

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