Eagle-Eyed Hospital Worker Hailed for Finding Abducted Girl: 'Thank You for Bringing Me Home'

Kaytlin Brown was eating lunch when she spotted Becky Lewis and recognized her from an Amber Alert.

A 4-year-old girl abducted over the weekend in Florida allegedly by a family friend is now back home with her family, thanks to a sharp-eyed hero on her lunch break.

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The family of Rebecca Lewis waited at the airport for three hours for the young girl's return Monday following the ordeal.

Cops said the adorable little girl was abducted by a man who had legally changed his name to West Wild Hogs.

"We have Rebecca Lewis, known as Becky, and she is safe. And West Wild Hogs is in the pen," an officer told reporters Monday.

"Thank you for bring me home," Rebecca said at a press conference, addressing the woman credited with the girl's safe return.

The abduction triggered a nationwide manhunt and the pair was last seen on a surveillance tape at a McDonald's on Monday outside Knoxville, Tennessee. 

The big break came when the accused kidnapper took Lewis to a Memphis hospital. They were spotted by Kaytlin Brown, an eagle-eyed clinical assistant.

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"I was at lunch and was looking on my phone at Facebook. I noticed all the Amber Alerts. I got done with lunch and I saw a man holding a little girl's hand, walking towards me. In my head, I was thinking, 'That looks just like that little girl and that man in that picture I just saw,'" she said. 

"My heart sank to my stomach as soon as it was confirmed to be them," she said.

Police responded in minutes and stopped the suspect as he was pulling out of the hospital parking lot. Becky was safe and sound

Lewis’ grandmother wants to thank Brown, who she says saved the day.

"I'd like to get my hands on her and give her the biggest hug because without you, I don't know how this would have ended,” she said.

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