Get Him a 'Gourd' Medal! Teen With Down Syndrome Grows Giant Pumpkin, Weighing Over 1,000 Pounds

By July, the pumpkin weighed 212 pounds, and by August, the teen was giving the pumpkin more than 600 gallons of water a week.

Someone alert Charlie Brown, because the Great Pumpkin — tipping the scales at 1,248 pounds — seems to have been growing in this teen's backyard.

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Ben Ben-Elizer, 14, who has Down syndrome, took home the "gourd" at London's Royal Horticultural Show when he was declared to have grown the largest pumpkin in the U.K. 

"Come over for pumpkin pie," Ben joked.

Ben and his family live in a Bruderhof community in Southeast England, where "the community grows most of its own vegetables, so kids grow up around farms and gardens," the director told

But, it took more than just natural talent to grow the record-breaking pumpkin. In fact, Ben said he's been working on it since last winter. 

"All winter, I turned a compost pile," he explained. 

In May, Ben prepared and planted the seeds. He continued to tend to the garden for the rest of summer.

By July, the pumpkin weighed 212 pounds. By August, Ben said the he was giving the pumpkin more than 600 gallons of water a week.

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After five months of growing his pumpkin, his friends joined him in cutting the vine, and lifting the enormous fruit onto a scale with a tractor.

"Even the judges were surprised," Ben said when his pumpkin took home first place at the competition.

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