1-Month-Old Baby Plummets to Her Death After Stroller Falls Down Open Elevator Shaft

The baby girl's mother pushed her child in her stroller onto what she thought was the elevator car on the 23rd floor, but it was not there.

A 6-week-old infant was killed when her stroller plummeted down the elevator shaft of a Brooklyn high rise after the doors opened, but the car was not there.

Little Areej Ali’s 21-year-old mother was pushing her child in her stroller at about 10:30 a.m. onto what she thought was the elevator Thursday on the 23rd floor at 3415 Neptune Avenue in the Sea Rise Complex in Coney Island, officials said.

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But the elevator was not positioned on the 23rd floor, and the infant and her stroller fell down the shaft, taking the baby's mother with her, authorities said.

The pair landed on the top of the elevator, which plunged down to the 15th floor before coming to a stop, according to reports.

Someone working on the inside of the cable car heard the noise and found the mother and her newborn on top. 

Emergency responders rushed the child to Coney Island Hospital, but the baby could not be saved and was pronounced dead on arrival, cops said. 

The baby's mother was also hospitalized in the incident.

The Sea Rise Complex is no stranger to troubles, as hundreds of complaints and violations have been logged against the collection of buildings on Neptune Avenue between West 33rd and 37th Streets, the Department of Buildings website shows. 

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Elevators in 3415 Neptune Avenue have posed a "chronic problem" to tenants, one complaint said. An active complaint from September 30 noted an elevator in the building was defective. 

Two complaints for an elevator in the building from July 17 were resolved after someone complained, "it has been out for about three hours. This is a 24-floor building with elder[ly] people and in this heat, [the stairs are] unbearable."

Another complaint from March 9, 2015 noted an elevator in the building had not worked for two and a half weeks, saying the elevator is "constantly getting out of service."

The Department of Buildings and the NYPD are investigating the tragic incident.  

InsideEdition.com has reached out to Grenadier Realty Corp., which manages the property, for comment. 

Centennial Elevator Industries, which had maintained the elevator in the past, had no comment when reached by InsideEdition.com. 

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