Elvis Presley's Wife Priscilla Comes Under Scrutiny Over Wrinkle-Free Face

Priscilla, who married Elvis at 21, has been known as a great beauty.

Priscilla Presley stepped out looking fresh-faced in Britain – and fans have had mixed reactions to her new look.

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Presley, who married Elvis at age 21, has always been known as a great beauty, causing many to gush about her age-defying looks over the decades.

“She looks incredible,” said one Twitter user. Another said, “How unbelievably stunning is #PriscillaPresley Woah! 71!!”

While some social media users simply asked what happened to her, others were harsher.

“Her face looks like a mask!!! What happened to her?” one person wrote. Another wrote, “Leave the plastic surgery alone Priscilla Presley.”

Presley, 71, was talking about her late ex-husband on British TV at the time.

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The grandmother of two has spoken in the past about having botched plastic surgery. She has said low-grade silicone — similar to what mechanics use to grease car parts — was once injected into her face.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe told Inside Edition of her new look, "I think this is a relatively recent procedure that she had done because she's still very swollen. The results are good and she's going to look better as time goes on and the swelling goes down."

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