Aunt Shares Creepy Picture of Niece Standing on Her Head - While Sleeping

Mikaela Long insists the image is real.

A woman posted a creepy photo of her 2-year-old niece standing on her head in her crib – while she was sleeping.

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“Her parents had already put her to sleep when I arrived, so my job was to keep my eyes glued to the monitor. I watched her wiggle around for awhile. When I checked in on her again, she was on her head!” Mikaela Long, 22, the little girl’s aunt, told

“My first thought was, 'This would happen the one day in 22 years that I decide to babysit,'" she said.

“I did not dare go in her room. I texted her mom the photo, asking if her daughter was broken,” she said. “She assured me that everything's okay and that my niece has been resting on her head a lot lately.”

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She said the little girl’s mom believes her daughter turns into a little acrobat to wind down at night.

Long posted the photo on Twitter, which left some questioning its authenticity. “I am happy to say that this is as real as it is hilarious,” she said.

Others offered some sound wisdom.

“It became very apparent that nobody had an explanation, but they did have some advice, and that was to run for my life,” she said.

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