Ruff Riders: Uber Driver Surprises Passengers With Puppies From Nearby Shelter

A California Uber driver is using a different tactic to impress his passengers with puppies.

From phone chargers to beverages, Uber drivers often use different tactics to boost customer satisfaction, but one California chauffeur is so doggone smart.

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Jonathan Gaurano, 27, has been working with Uber for a while and has been planning on surprising his riders for over a year with rescue puppies to share a fun message on dogs currently living in animal shelters, but coordinating the idea came with multiple challenges.

Gaurano went to several shelters in his local area to receive and discuss opinions on how to do this project because he wanted to be careful with the puppies and respect his passengers' feelings toward dogs.

“A lot of shelters didn’t want to be videotaped and I called all over California to figure out how I can do this properly” Guarano told

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Luckily, the dog lover found a shelter that were interested and open about lending him their furry friends. It took about 2 weeks to get the proper permissions and make his vehicle puppy-proof.

Jonathan said he was nervous about his passenger’s reactions, especially if they were allergic to dogs, but he clearly didn’t receive any negative feedback from his furry companions.

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“I really wanted to surprise them, but I was so nervous of their reactions-especially having cameras all over my car"

Gaurano hopes his project spreads joy and encourages others to “adopt, not shop” when it comes to finding a new pet.

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