Super Bowl Commercials Still in the News

Two days after the Super Bowl, the commercials that aired during the big game are still making the news. INSIDE EDITION has the latest on Volkswagen's young Darth Vader(s) and more.

Max Page has become an overnight sensation as the star of the blockbuster Volkswagen Passat Super Bowl commercial.

But it turns out Max wasn't the only kid in the commercial. There were actually two young Darth Vaders!

6-year-old Aidan Lewis appeared in the ad in the scene with the dog, while Max starred in the rest of the commercial.

Child labor laws restrict the number of hours a kid can work, so Aidan was hired to film some scenes.

But it's Max who is getting most of the attention. He even just met the original Darth Vader, James Earl Jones.

Jones was the voice of Darth Vader in the Star Wars films. "May the force be with you," he told Max.

Meanwhile another Super Bowl commercial is now coming under fire.

An ad for Pepsi Max features a woman berating her husband for cheating on his diet.

Some bloggers are calling the ad cruel and mean because it reinforces the stereotype of the "angry black woman."
The ad was voted one of the top five Super Bowl ads in a USA Today poll.

Pepsi said in a statement:

"We vetted this ad with our external ethnic advisory board as well as nationally recognized community activists and leaders all of whom believed the ad highlights the key product attributes in a humorous way."