Gentle Pit Bull Living on the Streets Gets a Second Chance at Life

Stray dogs are often afraid of humans, but rescuers say Brutus was more than happy to meet them.

The dog days are finally over for one precious gentle giant.

Brutus, a 1-year-old pit bull, was homeless and alone, living on the streets of downtown Los Angeles when he finally received a second chance at life.

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He lived near an auto repair shop where he bonded with a few two-legged friends, mechanics, who took care of him with food, love, and affection.

But something was missing from Brutus’ life. The pup needed a home with a loving family and possibly a big backyard.

When volunteers from an animal rescue group Hope for Paws heard of Brutus’ story, they immediately drove downtown to bring him in. 

Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo entered an alleyway and found the charming canine.

"A woman working in the area spotted him and knew about our rescue videos," Hagar told "She called us for help." 

During rescue missions, some dogs are afraid of humans who get too close. Hagar and Arturo were surprised by Brutus’ calm nature. 

"It went pretty easy with Brutus. Usually, so many dogs ar more nervous of men," said Hagar. "I asked Lisa to approach him first because sometimes women give dogs a more relaxing feeling." 

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Brutus was instantly curious and nervous when the two volunteers stepped out of the car but immediately warmed up when Arturo greeted him with treats.

The next step was to put a leash over Brutus and assure him that he was in good hands.

"Brutus was so ready to be rescued. He just wanted to be off the streets," Hagar said. "When I opened the door to my car it was as if he said 'Yes, I'm ready!'" 

He had no hesitation and didn’t flee when the leash was placed over his head and thanked his rescuers with a few wet kisses.

"He's such a happy dog," said Hagar. "Well balanced and never holds a grudge." 

Thanks to the kindness of his rescuers, Brutus is now with a foster family in hopes he will finally find his forever home.

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