In My Shark-est Hour: Watch Diver Escape After Great White Smashed Into Cage

A diver escaped from a shark cage after a great white made his way into the cage.

A diver had the scare of his life when a great white shark managed to enter his cage off the coast of Mexico.

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While a boat packed with American tourists looked on, the diver lured the shark over with bait.

But shortly, total panic ensued as the shark managed to break through the cage and started thrashing about, while the diver was inside. Blood is visible in the footage.

The boat crew lifted the top of the cage and the shark was able to free itself.

Tense seconds tick by as the crew and onlookers wait for the diver to emerge.

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The experienced diver emerges, injured and shaken, but alive. The diver was apparently calm in the cage, and waited until the shark made its way out.

The onlookers broke out in applause as the diver emerged uninjured.

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