'That's My Truck!': Man Streams Chase on Facebook Live After Car Is Stolen

It was a million-to-one chance as Aaron Babcock happened to be riding by on his motorcycle when he saw his stolen truck.

A motorcyclist came upon a man driving his stolen vehicle, and began chasing it while streaming it live on Facebook.

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"Can somebody please call 911?" the motorcyclist, Aaron Babcock, is heard saying in the video. 

You can feel the danger as the chase unfolds. "I'm not really sure what to do!" Babcock says. 

Surveillance video shows the Ford pickup truck being stolen from the lot at Sunrise Auto Sales outside Tacoma, Washington. The used-car dealership is run by Babcock and his family.

By a million-to-one chance, Babcock says he was out on his motorcycle a few hours later when, lo and behold, "the truck drove right by me," he told Inside Edition. 

And with that, the chase was on.

"I'm thinking that, 'Oh, I have Facebook live. So I jumped on Facebook," he said. 

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"This truck was just stolen from the lot this morning," he said in the live video. "I can't call the cops. Nobody can hear me on the phone with my helmet, so I need someone to call 911," he said.

The Facebook live paid off. "People were messaging me and telling me who the driver was," he said. 

"I know who you are!" he yelled to the driver. 

"I knew that truck couldn't outrun me. There's no way you're going to outrun a street bike," he said. 

"I can't believe I caught 'em," he said. 

Cops rushed to the scene and told the two guys in the truck to get out. "My adrenaline's still like, through the roof right now," he said. 

The truck is now back where it belongs, at the used-car lot.

The driver was arrested, but he told police he did not know the truck was stolen.

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