Pedals, the Bear That Walks on Its Hind Legs, Killed by Bow and Arrow-Wielding Hunter: Reports

Word is that the hunter who killed Pedals has been stalking the bear for three years.

The beloved bear known as "Pedals," who captured the hearts of the nation as he was filmed walking on his hind legs in New Jersey, has been killed, Inside Edition has learned.

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Pedals became a sensation after roaming suburban neighborhoods, walking just like a human.

Inside Edition has learned that Pedals was killed on the first day of bow and arrow hunting season.

Pedals walked on its hind legs because his front paws had been injured in an accident. The bear had been seen in backyards scrounging for food.

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People who followed the adventures of peddles on social media say they are devastated - especially after hearing that the hunter was reportedly bragging at the weighing station that he took down the famous Pedals.

Word is the hunter who fired the fatal arrow had been stalking pedals for three years.

When Inside Edition told a Pedals lover that perhaps it could be argued that the bear was put out of its misery, the supporter replied, "With a bow and arrow? I don't think so."

Pedals' Facebook page has lit up with outrage. "That poor animal deserved more," wrote one user, while another wrote: "Rest in peace."

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