Neighbor Takes Revenge With Snow Blower

After a neighbor took a snow shovel from one man, he took revenge by burying her car under a mountain of snow with his snow blower. INSIDE EDITION talks to the man who made the snowy statement.

Revenge is a dish that's best served cold, and it doesn't come colder than this. David Welles is a man with a snow blower that deliberately buried a neighbor's car under a mountain of snow.

Welles runs a home security business and uses his home as a showcase, with surveillance cameras everywhere.

Welles tells INSIDE EDITION that he has cameras in the front, on the sides and a couple in the back. The cameras captured a woman coolly walking her dog onto his property, and taking his snow shovel.

She used it to dig out her snowed in car and she didn't even return the shovel.

"I decided to blow snow all over her car and bury her car. Someone being so brazen as to walk up and just take it and not give it back, is what really bothered me," said Welles.

Welles vowed there was no way she was getting away with it. When the neighbor left, Welles used his snow blower to blast her car with loads of snow.

The cameras taped the car gradually disappearing under the man-made blizzard.

When Welles' neighbor returned hours later, she seemed shocked to find a blanket of white covering her car. She starts clearing it off, this time with a broom, and it took her four hours.  

Welles put the video online, just for some friends to see and it promptly went viral getting almost 400,000 hits.

The response to his snowy payback has been mixed. Some say Welles was justified, but others say he went far too far.

"I thought it was, you know, justice meets the crime," said Welles.