Man Who Fired a Gun at George Zimmerman From Moving Car Gets 20 Years in Prison

Matthew Apperson was sentenced for shooting at Trayvon Martin's killer from a moving vehicle.

A Florida man who shot at George Zimmerman from his moving vehicle was sentenced to 20 years in prison Monday, but not before his wife gave the judge a piece of her mind.

Prosecutors argued Matthew Apperson, 38, opened fire on Zimmerman while they both drove down a busy street in Seminole County last year.

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Judge Debra S. Nelson handed down the state-mandated minimum 20-year sentence after Apperson was convicted by jury last month of attempted second-degree murder, armed aggravated assault and shooting into a vehicle. 

Authorities have "given George Zimmerman a golden ticket to go out and do whatever he wants to do," Apperson's wife, Lisa Apperson, told Nelson.

Zimmerman became a notorious figure in Florida after he was acquitted of second degree murder charges in the killing of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin in 2012.

Apperson's mother also pleaded for the judge to allow her son to go free, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Apperson reportedly worked as a paralegal in the same business plaza where Zimmerman goes to see his doctor. 

Matthew Apperson shot at Zimmerman on May 11, 2015. Apperson claimed Zimmerman brandished a gun at him first, but Zimmerman testified this was a lie.

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"The crux here is Mr. Apperson's blatant disregard for my life, any life … anybody driving up and down Lake Mary Boulevard," Zimmerman said on the stand.

Apperson's defense attorney petitioned the judge to let his client out of jail while he filed an appeal. Calling Apperson a threat to public safety, the judge denied the request.

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