Lady Gaga Visits Her Old NYC Apartment

INSIDE EDITION got a look inside the New York apartment where Lady Gaga lived before she skyrocketed to fame.

Lady Gaga tried to show 60 Minutes special correspondent, Anderson Cooper, her old New York City apartment. When they arrived at the apartment the woman who now lives there wouldn't let Gaga in.

"Hi, this is Lady Gaga, I was wondering if I could say hi," Gaga says.

"I'd rather not have any cameras," responds the lady behind the apartment door.

INSIDE EDITION managed to persuade the young woman Emily into letting us in.

The apartment that Gaga used to call home was a cozy studio apartment with just three rooms: a kitchen, living room and a tiny bathroom.

INSIDE EDITION had to ask Emily, "Why didn't you let Lady Gaga inside?"

"I was sick and my place was a mess. She must have been pissed. It was really cold out. It was winter and I had the flu. She should have been wearing pants," said Emily.