Take That, Sith Lord! 7-Year-Old 'Jedi' Battles Cancer, Then Defeats Darth Vader

Cancer was the hard part. Becoming a Jedi knight was a piece of cake for 7-year-old Brady Treu.

What’s a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader when you’ve already defeated cancer?

For 7-year-old Brady Treu, it was an easy fight.

The Florida boy faced off against Star Wars’ infamous villain, lightsaber in hand, as a newly knighted Jedi warrior, and promptly dispatched the meanest, baddest Sith Lord in the galaxy.

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The child’s derring-do came during an extravaganza staged by the Make-A-Wish foundation that saw the cancer survivor battling evil while aided by the likes of R2D2, Chewbacca and the West Palm Beach Police Department.

Brady’s mission was to rid his town of that pesky Vader, which he did with a heavy mind blast of The Force.

The whole battle played out to an audience of hundreds of friends, community members and family, as well as Brady’s teachers and classmates.

“He was really believing that this was his mission, that he was saving West Palm Beach,” his mother, Danielle, told InsideEdition.com Monday. “He did amazing.”

For his efforts, Brady got a key to the city from the mayor and an honorary badge from the police department.

“Everyone wanted to take a photo with him,” his mom said.  “The whole atmosphere was so supportive. Everyone wanted this to be the best day for him.”

Brady, and his younger sister, Charlee, both had bone marrow transplants two years ago to fight a form of leukemia both suffered from, their mom said.

Charlee was a bit luckier than her brother. She didn’t have as many complications as he did from the chemo that preceded the transplant, not to mention the recuperation period.

“Brady had some life-threatening moments, but now he’s great,” said his mother. Charlee gets her own Make-A-Wish day next month, when she will meet the Disney princesses at Walt Disney World.

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The children’s transplant procedures meant staying in isolation and in the hospital for seven months because their immune systems were compromised.

“It been a really long, hard road,” their mom says. Her youngest child, 3-year-old Bentley, has the same affliction but his condition is stabilized and he may not need a bone marrow transplant to save his life, she said.

And though their journey has been difficult the Treu family is better for the sojourn.

“So many amazing things have come from that. So much support and love. We just feel blessed for where we are right now,” the mom said.

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