Chain of Heroes: Group of Good Samaritans Band Together to Rescue Driver

The group of people jumped into action when an SUV went down an embankment.

A group of good Samaritans joined together to form a human chain and save a driver whose vehicle dropped over an embankment in Florida.

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The drama happened when an SUV went off the road after a traffic collision outside Melbourne, Florida, Sunday.

Witnesses couldn't believe it as nearly a dozen heroes, including 2 police officers, simply ignored the danger of the smoking vehicle and formed a human chain to help the driver in distress.

As bystanders called 911, many urged the rescuers to get away from the flaming car.

Just as flames really take a hold, the driver was pulled free. The rescuers had trouble getting him up the steep embankment.

The strain in their faces was seen in video of the incident as they inched their way up back to safety.

The driver was sprawled on the grass at the top of the embankment, battered but safe.

Sergeant Steve Shytle, who took part in the rescue, spoke to Inside Edition. 

"All the citizens got together and knew what we needed and jumped right in," he said. "They didn't think about it. They didn't think about the peril they were getting their lives in to help us." 

Shannon Perez shot the dramatic video of the rescue.

"It was amazing, everybody was just diving right in," she said. 

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The driver was taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center for treatment and his condition was unknown.

Authorities said the cops and a few bystanders suffered minor bumps and bruises.

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