This Beagle Cannot Stop Sneezing... And You Won't Believe Why

For six months, Rex the beagle could not stop sneezing until a cat scan found the culprit.

This beagle couldn’t stop sneezing and suffered daily nosebleeds because of a six-inch twig lodged in his nose.

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Rex the beagle's owner, Mark Kovicak, says the sneezing began the day after the dog went running after a rabbit in Grand Rapids, Michigan, six months ago.

"I knew something wasn't right," he told Inside Edition. "Rex and I went walking into the woods and he came out and had blood all over his nose."

He said Rex was sneezing "a half-a-dozen" times a day. 

The vet put rex on antibiotics hoping that would help, but it didn't — and neither did anything else — until a cat scan solved the mystery.

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A cat-scan revealed that a six-inch twig lodged up the pup’s nose. Doctors pulled it out with forceps. Immediately, Rex's sneezing troubles were over.

"He was back to normal that same day and he's back to 100 percent now, I am proud to report," Kovicak said. 

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