'Supergran' Foils A Jewel Heist

The identity has been revealed of the 71-year-old woman who fought off a group of jewelry store robbers with her shopping bag. INSIDE EDITION has the latest information.

The identity of the fire-haired granny is Ann Timson, a 71-year-old. The London Sun Newspaper labeled her "Supergran" over a photo of her with her grandchild.

INSIDE EDITION had told how the robbery attempt happened in broad daylight at a jeweler's store in England. Timpson had foiled this robbery, armed with only her shopping bags.

Today, she is being called an international hero.

"This woman deserves a medal," says one blogger.

"Granny's got game!" marvels another.

The metal shutters of the jewelry store came down, as employees inside try to foil the gang of sledgehammer wielding robbers.

That's when Timson races to the rescue, whacking the robbers again and again with her shopping bag.

Prosecutors cited the Timson's courage when four suspects appeared in court Wednesday.

"I was angry that they felt they could get away with that in broad daylight," Timson said. "I'd probably do the same again."

Four men were caught, they have been arrested and the judge denied them bail.