911 Operator Accused of Hanging Up on Callers May Have Ended 825 Calls: Prosecutors

Crenshanda Williams appeared in court on Monday after being charged with two counts of interfering with a 911 phone call.

The former Texas 911 operator accused of hanging up on callers may have ended calls with as many as 825 people reporting emergencies, according to court documents.

Crenshanda Williams appeared in court Monday after being charged with two counts of interfering with a 911 phone call, declining to talk to reporters as she left the Houston courthouse, KHOU reported.

An audit flagged the 43-year-old operator after authorities noted she had allegedly taken an abnormally high number of “short calls” – 911 calls that last 20 seconds or less—from October through March 2016, officials said.

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“We were able to narrow down, in all, about 825 calls where somebody was actually calling 911 and not the non-emergency line … that she hung up on that person and that they called back within five minutes,” prosecutor Claire Moreau said in court, the television station said.   

In one case, Williams allegedly received a phone call on March 12 from a man trying to report a robbery in progress and shots fired, according to charging documents.

He was hung up on twice before getting through to report that a man fired multiple times during a robbery and that people may be hurt. By the time police arrived, Zia Siddiqui, 52, the store’s owner, had been shot and killed.

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The next day, she allegedly hung up on a caller trying to report drag racing on a strip of highway that saw a fatal collision under similar circumstances two weeks earlier, charging documents said.

Ain’t nobody got time for this. For real,” Williams allegedly said after hanging up on the caller.

If she is found guilty, Williams could face up to two years behind bars, but additional charges may be filed against her, according to reports.

Williams is due back in court on November 10.

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