A Tire-ing Effort: White Rhino Gets His Horn Stuck in Car Wheel

The tire is believed to have come from a nearby lake that has recently been subjected to severe drought.

A white rhino found himself stuck between a tire and a hard place after getting his horn and mouth lodged in the car part Saturday.

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The rhino, named Mark, got the tire stuck around his snout as he was walking around the bush in Zimbabwe. Park rangers saw the rhino struggling trying to get the tire off his mouth and alerted vets at AWARE Trust right away.

After an hour-and-half drive to the area, vets Keith and Lisa helped Mark get the tire off his snout by shooting him with a dart to knock him out for a brief period of time and pulled the object off his face.

After 11 minutes, he was given an antidote and was back to grazing again as if nothing had happened.

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AWARE said on their Facebook page that high droughts in the area have left the nearby lake reduced and “pollutants such as nets and tires are washing up all the time.”

They said that “Mark obviously fancied some vegetation that was growing right in the center of the tire, and once he stuck his nose to the ground to grasp it, the tire came up over his horn stub.”

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